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Improve Campaign Performance

Reid-Lewis Strategy Group, LLC helps you generate more sign ups, more registrations, and more purchases by methodically testing different versions of emails, ads, social posts and landing pages using a technique known as "Conversion Rate Optimization."

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Social Media Management

RLSG can help you align your social media presence with your campaign goals. From strategic direction to responding to comments and messages, we are set up to step in to be the dedicated team player you need to make your social media channels shine.

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Multichannel Marketing

RLSG helps you coordinate your campaign messages across all of your digital channels and platforms. From your website and social properties, to email, display ads and paid social media promotion, we can help you take advantage of the power of multi-channel marketing to achieve your campaign goals.

About Reid-Lewis Strategy Group, LLC

RLSG specializes in A/B testing, audience segmentation for email, online advertising and social media direct response campaigns for trade associations, non-profit organizations and corporations.

Our Approach

RLSG focuses its efforts on Conversion Rate Optimization methods to improve overall campaign performance. By continuously testing variations in strategies, tactics and messaging, we help our clients learn about what works for their audience. We seek measurable results that can be backed by data to provide the confidence necessary to make business decisions.

Need a helping hand? We can help!

RLSG has extensive experience managing and executing email marketing, search engine marketing, programmatic advertising, social media management and social media advertising.

We work well with existing teams and can be that extra bit of help you need to get everything done right and on time.

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